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Every year we recruit high school and college age students to be part of our team of interns. Interns participate in Vote Mob, Candidate Forums, registering people to vote and other voter engagement activities. You must be able to work 10-15 a week.


Applications are due May 8th.


If you would like more information or would like to apply please, reach out to us. 


vote mob

Every year, Root the Power and members of the community meet at the Sedgwick County Election Office. We come together with food, music and speakers. We celebrate the power of our vote and together march in and vote early. 

Youth-Led Candidate Foums

Youth-Led candidate forums

During election season Root the Power is involved in youth-led candidate forums. It is one of the best ways to prepare for casting your ballot. We see the importance of meeting and learning about our candidates and the issues that are important to us. 

Empower The Vote

Registering People to vote

Throughout the year, Root the Power interns go around the city to different events and community meetings to encourage people to register to vote. We believe in the power of the vote. Your vote, your voice. 

Would you like us to be part of your event? Contact us!

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